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Artisan Porcelain BeaPoppy Pendantds, Pendants, and Jewelry

The photo on the right is an example of some of the exquisite hand painted pieces that you can find in my bead shop.  This piece features a design inspired by a design from antique porcelain dishes made by the Pickard China Company.

Please visit Amazing Porcelain to view this and other bead sets, focal beads, pendants, as well as jewelry utilizing these components.

Native American Pottery & Jewelry

Hand Painted Wolf Native American arrowhead necklace A strong interest and fondness for the ancient Mississippian period effigy pots results in a variety of direct reproductions of ancient pots as well as original effigy pots made in the same style.  

A love of porcelain has led to some very unique and unusual porcelain pottery incorporating many of the ancient moundbuilder designs.

A strong desire to make authentic American Indian jewelry in a new medium has developed into a line of porcelain jewelry that utilizes many Native American icons such as the arrowhead and feathers.  Also jewelry incorporating ancient designs and styles with stoneware and Native Clay components.

As a decendent of the ancient mound builders she also utilizes their designs in the creation of new and exciting pieces of pottery and jewelry art that honor the ancient artifacts. To see more of the authentic Native American artwork visit Natikas Native American Art

Exquisite Doll House Miniatures

Dollhouse Miniature Reproduction of R.S. Prussia tea set To see the full range of Marsha's miniature creations visit Porcelain Fantasies

With so many different directions and interests this page will serve as a doorway to each of these varied pursuits and and a common place to inform you of what is new.

Below are some exerpts from Marsha's Porcelain Art Blog.